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Buying a property

Buying a property, house, condo or any other property is a big decision, being well advised and most of all protected is imperative.
A real estate broker is the professional to contact to make sure your transaction go through smoothly.
Here are some advantages you will benefit from if you choose to work with a broker.

What are your needs

Buy at the right price.

Realtors have access to a range of tools and expertise to estimate the value of the property you wish to buy with access to statistics and selling prices of similar houses.
This knowledge will help you get the right price for your new home.
They will also handle all the paper work and negotiations with the seller.

Mastery of legal documents

The real estate broker informs you of all the procedures to follow and accompanies you, step by step. He prepares and explains to you all the clauses of a promise to purchase that respects your needs and your financial capacity, and he negotiates in your best interests.

He guides you towards the competent professionals: mortgage lender, qualified building inspector, notary, soil analysis specialist, etc. He accompanies you during the inspection, reviews the inspection report and advises you on the follow-ups to be carried out.

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Biggest network in the province

Your real estate broker is part of the biggest real estate network in the province, where almost 13 000 other agents show their listings.The centris system is the quebec version of the MLS system and gives access to all property's informations.Your broker will select with you the properties that interest you within the biggest inventory the province has to offer.They work in close collaboration with other brokers to organize visits to the properties.They also can be an objective ally to help you see the benefits and disadvantages of each visited properties.

Buying a property | Biggest network in the province

The security and protections we offer

Real estate agents take care and are responsible for all real estate transactions.
They have to work under the real estate Brokerage Act.They have to comply with the standards put in place by l Organisme d autoreglementation du courtage immobilier du Quebec, (OACIQ).They also contribute to the Real estate brokerage compensation fund (FICI) and have a professional liability insurance.
Working with a real estate broker to sell or buy a property equals being well protected and surrounded by a knowledgeable team of experts to guide you.

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