Investing in Montreal.

Buyer's guide and seller's guide

Investing in Montreal / Guidance through the whole process.

Here are two new tools to help you understand better the steps that are involved in a real estate transaction. Invest in Montreal.

The buyer's guide and the seller's guide are full of pertinent information and are a quick tool to refer to .They will help you through your real estate journey weather it is to sell or buy a home. They were made for the public by the OACIQ, in each guide you will find practical information on:

  • Promise to purchase;
  • Down payment;
  • Brokerage contract;
  • Seller's declaration(s) form;
  • The benefits to use a real estate broker;
  • Specifics regarding co-ownership;
  • and more !

The chamber of notaries

Find a notary?

The board of the Ordre contains the names of all the notaries registered there. This search allows you to check whether a person is a notary and to know the holder authorized to issue a copy of a notarial act. Due to legal provisions on access to information, your research must target an identified person.
Consequently, you must enter the name and first name of the notary sought as entered in the roll of the Ordre.

Find a notary

Calculate your welcome tax

Have you thought about the welcome tax?

You are in the process of buying a home? You can see yourself in your dream home already, preparing your budget, finding out your borrowing capacity from your bank...Have you consider how much you would have to pay your municipality in welcome tax?

Wether your are buying a condo, a semi-detached or a detached house, a new construction or a multiplex, you will have to pay it.

To calculate the tax you have to take the highest value between the municipal evaluation and your buying price.

The calculated amount is what you will need to pay,

$0 to $50,0000.5% of the amount in this bracket.
$50,000 to $250,0001.0% of the amount in this bracket.
$250,000 and over1.5% of the amount in this bracket.

This tax is also known as real estate transfer tax. Historically it was created to give cities and municipalities an extra income after government cuts. Mr Bienvenue who was in charge at the time gave them the power to tax all real estate transactions on their territory.

So how much does it cost? use our calculator below to know exactly how much your Welcome tax will come to.

Welcome tax

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Tools and informations to help you buy a property or a co-ownership in Canada. Investing in Montreal.

Mortgage Calculator

Compare rates, payment frequency, amortization and more to know what options are best for your mortgage loan.

If your down payment represent less then 20% of the buying price you must insure your mortgage loan with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.We will, then add the insurance fee to the buying amount.
This insurance is only available to mortgages with a buying price lower then 1.000.000$

Mortgage Calculator

Borrowing capacity calculator

Evaluate how much you can afford in rent or mortgage. Invest in Montreal.

Borrowing capacity calculator

Debt repayment calculator

Compare monthly repayment amount and housing fees with your gross income.

Mortgage specialists use two different ways of calculating if a borrower can afford a property.
This calculator will give you both.

    Debt amortization calculator

    Measurement converter

    Il existe beaucoup de mesures différentes et bien que les définitions des unités ont été révisées, le système officiel de mesure de la plupart des pays est l’actuelle forme du système métrique qui est connu sous le « Système International d'Unités ».

    À l’heure actuelle, d'autres systèmes de mesure sont encore utilisés partout dans le monde, comme aux États-Unis et au Royaume-Uni. Ce lien vise à vous aider à convertir les unités de mesure.

    Measurement converter
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