Selling your property

Selling your property

Selling your property is a decision that usually involves a considerate amount of money.

Being surrounded by an experienced team to guide and protect you is imperative!

Consulting a real estate broker to sell your property is the best way to insure it goes smoothly, without surprises and giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the process.


To get the right price.

Realtors have access to a database of all the properties that sold in your area, making it easy for them to analyze, compare and determine the market value. Then, they can suggest a selling price that represents the reality of the market in your area. This will maximizing your chance to sell faster because the asking price is coherent with other sales rom your neighbourhood.

Part of the broker's job is to let you know of all the steps and guiding you trough them.They take care of listing your property, making sure that everything is perfect and no details are overlooked in the precise description of your property. They will fill out with you a seller s declaration which is an additional protection for you and let you know what documents to have with you so everything goes smoothly and without delays. They will answer all your questions making it easier or you.

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Maximize your visibility
and buyer's interest

Real estate agents put your listing on many websites or other platforms designed for realtors and buyers all around the province. Centris alone makes your listing available to more then 13 000 realtors and their clients, it is the website that has the most listings. Having your property show on Centris is the best visibility a seller can ask for and can only be done by your realtor.

Benefit from
personal protection

Your realtor is responsible of all your real estate transactions.They have to work under the Real-estate Brokerage Act. They have to comply with the standards put in place by Organisme d autoreglementation du courtage immobilier du Quebec, (OACIQ).They also contribute to the Real estate brokerage compensation fund (FICI) and have professional liability insurance.
Working with a real estate broker to sell or buy a property equals being well protected and surrounded by a knowledgeable team of experts to guide you.

Benefit from personal protection | Selling your property
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